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Elder Law

As you or your loved ones approach a time in life where you imagine that you or your loved ones may need assistance, whether in a facility or at home, it is the time to plan and analyze what your assets and resources are and how to maximize them.  

Each person's situation is unique - with different needs and different assets and resources.  We look at your specific finances and goals and can talk through whether Medicaid or other government assistance may be advisable or not, and if so, how to maximize resources and make sure the most possible is preserved for you and your loved ones.  The goal is to live with comfort and dignity and to maximize protection of your assets.  

Under Elder Law, we will discuss estate and trust planning, medicaid planning, and possible assisted living or home health care planning.  

Since each Elder Law client is different, with different needs, we do not charge a flat fee, but instead work on an hourly rate, which means you only pay for what you need.  

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