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Tenney Law is here to assist you in reviewing and drafting all types of contracts including:

-Residential Real Estate

-Commercial Real Estate

-Personal Property Bills of Sale

-Residential or Commercial Leases

-Business Purchase and/or Asset Purchase Agreements

-Construction Contracts including Construction Draw Management

Construction Draw Management:

If you are building a home or commercial building and have a construction loan from an institutional lender, the lender will monitor the draw process, sending an inspector at each draw and ensuring that they receive partial releases from all subcontractors at each draw, so that you don't pay more to the contractor than the work that has been completed in a satisfactory manner, and you can ensure the subcontractors are being paid by the general contractor as well. 

If you are paying cash for your construction, our office can serve in the role as the construction lender in that we will order and review the inspections, require and review the partial releases, approve each draw and manage the fund transfers per the contract as the build progresses - protecting you at each step of construction.

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