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Association Law

Condominiums and Home Owner's Associations make up a large part of Marco Island and Collier County living, however, condominium or homeowner living can also be fraught with potential conflict as you navigate living with other unit owners and being governed by a board made up of volunteer unit owners.  It's important for an attorney to guide and advise both an association board and unit owners regarding the rights and responsibilities of each.  Tenney Law will provide prompt, reached, and practical advise with the goal of community members being informed and governed by reasonable rules and regulations, and overall governance in peace.  

Some examples of areas of potential conflict:

-Maintenance responsibilities

-Repair and replacement responsibilities in the event of a hurricane or in the event of more common place leaks or damage

-Insurance coverage 

-Interpretation of Association rules and regulations and documents

-Interpretation of Florida statutes regarding Association law

-Drafting and Amending Association Documents - Declaration and Bylaws

-Enforcement/collection of unpaid assessments

-Advising regarding election requirements and navigating disputes

-General counsel regarding the governance of the Board of Directors

---and your unique concerns!

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